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Damage analysis

Damage analysis

Vehicle examinations

Vehicle examinations

Review of Police Accident Reports

Review of Police Accident Reports

Dashcam and CCTV Analysis

Dashcam and CCTV Analysis


We complete in depth investigations into road traffic collisions, including CCTV and dashcam (dash cam) analysis. We also have a motorcycle & bike accident expert. Our service in Collision Reconstruction is aimed to assist both   Civil and Criminal professionals and we undertake instructions for both the Prosecution (Claimant) or Defendant . 

Bus crashed into garden

Our highly experienced experts investigate Dangerous Driving & Careless Driving 

We have specially developed software to complete CCTV and Dashcam Analysis.

Our experienced Forensic Road Traffic Accident Investigation Consultants can produce Expert Witness reports relating to all types of criminal and civil cases involving the use of motor vehicles and pedal cycles. We cover the whole of the country including London, Birmingham. Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield, Carlisle, Glasgow. etc.  

We study any CCTV or dashcam evidence, the physical evidence, witness evidence, vehicles involved, road layout and sightlines, weather conditions, vehicle dynamics and driver behaviour. Our accident reconstruction experts can take photographs, measurements and video accident locations. We will examine vehicle damage, can produce distance / speed / time calculations, and investigate any other possible contributory factors. During our investigation, we can address factors involving pedestrian accidents, including visibility and/or conspicuity issues, driver reactions, pedestrian movement and pedestrian conspicuity, Our Collision Reconstruction Experts are experienced in all aspects of road traffic accidents and vehicle related incidents.

In criminal cases, the interpretation and presentation of the evidence can in some circumstances be biased towards the prosecution and it is important in such cases that an experienced collision investigation expert addresses any potential evidence in respect of a Defendant’s version of events.

In a recent case following a conviction at Magistrates Court for careless driving, an elderly lady appealed her conviction and through her solicitor instructed one of our accident investigation experts, who reconstructed the events leading up to the collision. Our expert was able to demonstrate to the Judge that the events suggested by witnesses concerning the alleged speed of the vehicle was physically impossible.  The Judge agreed with the expert and the conviction was overturned.

Car crashes into restaurant

We provide reports in other criminal cases involving motor vehicles. These are wide ranging, but have included murder, rape / attempted rape, grievous bodily harm, stolen vehicles and stolen vehicle parts, Road Traffic Act offences that may require assessment of vehicle speeds, such as speeding and dangerous driving cases and other allegations relating to the manner of driving. Our road traffic investigation team can also analyse tachograph records, provide expert evidence on the safety of loads on goods vehicles and verification of journey routes / timings.  

Case Management for


Solicitors, Barristers, Private Individuals and Companies

Criminal and Civil Cases

HM Coroner, High Court, Court Martial, Crown Court, Magistrates Court, County Court, Sheriff Court

CPR and CrimPR Compliant

Single Joint Experts

Free Estimates 

England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and all British Territories

Solicitor and Barrister presentations

Areas of Expertise


Road Traffic Collision Investigation & Reconstruction

Vehicle Examinations

Speeding (including HADECS, SPECS, Laser etc)

CCTV Analysis (including dashcams and headcams)

Road Safety Audits and Advice

Stolen Vehicle and Vehicle Parts Examination

Insurance Fraud and Staged Collisions

Event Data Recorders / Tachographs

Police Vehicle Accidents

Motorcycle, Motorbike and pedal cycle accidents

Photography, Video and Sight Lines (all case types)

Dangerous and Careless Driving charges

Personal Injury Claims


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As Expert Witnesses

"One of our main objectives is to review the strength and reliability of the prosecution evidence and report on it to assist the court."

All our reports are peer reviewed by a principal consultant working in the same field. We carry out work  mainly in the UK and Ireland, but are willing to take instructions in other countries and our experts have previously completed cases in the Falkland Islands, Bermuda, Germany and the Channel Islands.  

We offer a wealth of experience and expertise to each and every case and deal with complex cases, even when the consequences of an accident has resulted in serious life changing injuries or multiple fatalities.

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Littler Winstanley Consultants have members who are registered with the UK Register of Expert Witnesses. They operate in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland and will travel worldwide (other than USA and Canada).

The company operates a system where travelling charges  can be capped, in some cases, resulting in fees which are competitive and affordable, no matter where the location of the case. 

Initial casework reviews and estimates are free.

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